Chiara Urban is a Toronto-based artist and songwriter renowned for her dynamic performances that bring forth a blend of lyrical drama and captivating melodies. Her music, tinged with gothic influences, fuses raw emotional depth with flirtatious theatrics. With her self-titled band, Chiara is swiftly growing her dedicated live show following as she’s breeding her own flavour of pop music. A fierce voice, vibrant music, and with a polished band under her belt, Chiara effortlessly commands audiences, inspiring them to dance and sing along to her infectious tunes throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

Photo by MG Ommert.


Join the Chiara Urban Band in a new kind of show that invites additional musicians to play strings, brass, and wind instruments on Chiara's musicThis hybrid show blends pop and classical music and invites everyone who loves large bands and great music! Come and enjoy the atmosphere of the Redwood Theatre bar and cabaret table seating All Ages. $15.